What Marvel Villain will Star in Avengers Endgame?

Image Credit: Marvel.com

Who is the one character that could change everything in Avengers Endgame?

Avengers Endgame is less than a month away and speculations and predictions are wilder than ever. I’ve done my best to avoid any spoilers, so I only really know what’s happened up until the end of Captain Marvel. Now we know that no matter what, something has to change with the way Infinity War ended. Marvel cannot just defeat Thanos and move forward with all the characters that have been lost. This brings me to my current wild speculation and a possible major spoiler for Avengers Endgame. So, if you don’t want my possible idea to ruin the movie for you, stop reading now. This is strictly just my speculation, with some reasoning to back it up of course, but I believe Kang will appear and be the answer to the MCU’s current predicament.

Image Credit: Ron Wilson (Marvel Comics Group)


“…time traveling genius with advanced technology and armor.”

Kang is a Marvel character who first appeared in 1963 and has pretty consistently been a villain ever since. He began by battling with the Fantastic Four and has continued to plague the Avengers and many other Marvel characters to this day. He is a time-traveling genius with advanced technology and armor. This makes him a powerful strategist as he has been through many battles across time, and likely already been through whatever one he is currently engaged in. He makes it a habit to defeats his enemies armies and conquer or assimilate them. This has earned him the imposing moniker, Kang the Conqueror.

“Kang is not backhanded like Loki, but instead likes to enter challenges he already knows the outcome to so he’s always a winner.”

I believe Kang is the answer to how to correct the devastation of the snap by Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet. There basically is no power to rival Thanos at that moment, so nothing can reverse what was done or really defeat him then. It is much easier to go back and affect the past so that the snap never occurs or occurs differently. Just his appearance would create the opening to bring the lost Avengers back, while instantly creating a plot for the film. Right now, we’re looking at the core Avengers(looking pretty defeated) plus Captain Marvel versus one of the most powerful characters in the universe. The fact of the matter is we’ve already pretty much seen this fight play out in Infinity War. This film calls for something new and unexpected, hence Kang. He can step in and seem like a savior, while actually manipulating things in his favor. Kang is not backhanded like Loki but instead likes to enter challenges he already knows the outcome to so he’s always a winner. He likes to be the smartest guy in the room.

“…if Kang is not a player in this film, then Marvel is missing out…”

Kang could completely change the dynamic of the current situation. Will the Avengers team up with him to battle Gauntlet wielding Thanos in the past? Will the Avengers have to team up with Thanos to face a superior enemy who’s been through every possible scenario and knows the outcomes? Either way, I believe Kang could be the major villain for the next phase for Marvel. Even if he’s not the center, his actions, like pulling the Avengers to or from another time or alternate dimension, could be the plot for the next installment of any of the upcoming Marvel franchises. I think if Kang is not a player in this film, then Marvel is missing out on a lucrative opportunity and a fresh direction for the future.

Image Credit: Jack Kirby (Marvel Comics Group)

“…expect Kang to be an extremely arrogant villain who’s not afraid to call every bluff…”

If Kang does appear, what can we expect? We will probably see something similar to Dr. Strange’s battle with Dormammu using the Time Stone, where it’s played out over and over again. We can expect Kang to be an extremely arrogant villain who’s not afraid to call every bluff because he already has. We can expect to see a foe who’s one step ahead of the Avengers and even Thanos at every turn. We’ll likely see one or more Avengers out of time, creating some unique meetings or team-ups. If Kang can travel time, then we can go anywhere and bring characters to and from anywhere. Yes, Thanos could basically do anything with all the Infinity Stones, but it kind of seemed like the snap really used up his shot. Kang can travel back and forth, learning and gathering more to use towards his cause. Time traveling opens up a lot of possibilities for Kang to use against the Avengers, and opportunities for audiences to see things they never would have dreamed of. We’ll see Kang’s advanced weapons and technology including physically enhancing armor and maybe even his will-sapping ray gun! We will definitely see things go down differently than they did in Avengers Infinity War.

“…Kang is the answer to Avengers Endgame.”

Although the alternative could see a more cosmic powered cast coming together to battle Thanos(which I personally would love), I think Kang is the answer to Avengers Endgame. He adds another layer to the universe and the story at hand. He provides new possibilities and landscapes for the future Marvel films. He is also a somewhat easily explainable, classic Marvel answer to the modern MCU situation. He could serve as the follow through on this home run for Marvel, providing them some security in an otherwise uncertain cinematic future. Which being as it’s Kang, he wouldn’t have it any other way.


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