Thoughts on the first Joker trailer

Warner Bros. Joker Movie Poster


Batman is my favorite superhero, and I follow all the comics, cartoons and movies. I’ve known about the Joker movie, but I haven’t given it much thought one way or another. Up to this point, there hasn’t been any mention of Batman in the film. Now that I’ve seen the first Joker trailer, here are my thoughts.

Do we need this movie? Yes, I know the movie is being made because it will yield a big profit, but is there any other reason. Do we need a Joker origin story? Joker doesn’t have an ongoing comic. He’s not a main character; he’s the villain and foil to Batman. Often when a movie concept seems like a stretch from the get go, it turns out less successful than the filmmakers hope. People love to see the Joker on screen, but that isn’t exactly what this movie seems to be about.

The trailer looks to me to be about a man slowly losing his mind and becoming something deranged. We know that this ends up being a colorful, enigmatic character with a magnetic personality. Will we see that character in this film though? Do we want a glimpse under the paint to see the humanity of the Joker? The trailer feels like the movie will be majorly depressing and psychological. If I am a comic book fan or a Joker fan, do I want to go into a depressing drama and watch one of comic’s icons be broken down?

Lastly, the question has to be asked if we want a Joker story without Batman. If the Joker as we know him does show up in this film, will Batman respond? The dynamic of the two sides of their coin is what makes them the most interesting hero/villain pair. From what we’ve seen in the past, without Batman, Joker has no one to stop him. Watching him committing devious acts and walking away could leave audiences feeling nothing or wanting more ie a sequel with Batman. In the comics, Joker also gets bored and doesn’t find crime fun when Batman’s not around. Will this story provide the Joker with new motivation and characteristics?

The trailer makes the Joker look pathetic and sad. The world is used to seeing the Joker powerful and ecstatic. I believe this film will give us a story we haven’t heard before and a new insight into the Joker. Audiences may not be ready for this version of the Joker though, as we are all still waiting for a sequel to Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight. A final thought and warning for moviegoers before going into Joker’s release, is that the movie may not have Batman or the Joker in it?

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