Go for a Walk


My thought for the day is on a basic activity that can help you get through the tough times. It’s beneficial for your mental and physical health. It’s something that people of all ages can do. Whether you need a breather or are looking to lose some weight, my suggestion for today is to go for a walk.
Walking is one of the simplest activities that we can participate in to help ourselves. Whether you walk to the mailbox or a mile, going for a walk is important to our fitness. Even if walking is difficult for you or you have some sort of injury. The movement from trying to walk, such as with a cane, rather than sitting, can help you feel better and may even help aid in the healing process. If it’s dangerous for you to walk due to your health, then I advise speaking to a doctor first and having someone monitor your attempts. Walking counts as exercise, which offers a myriad of benefits for humans.

Going on a walk is a great way to burn calories. It’s not an extreme workout, but it does the job. If you don’t have the time or effort for a gym session, try going for a walk in your neighborhood instead. Putting the effort into getting yourself from place A to B requires physical exertion. Walking can help make up for that unplanned donut or birthday cake that you ate at work. Since walking helps burn calories, the more you walk, the bigger the caloric deficit, and therefore the better the chance to lose weight. Walking only requires you have somewhere to go, whether it’s at the mall or up and down your driveway, to take part in a valuable exercise.


Walking requires us to use more muscles to propel ourselves forward than sitting or standing still. We also have to have the muscular stability to remain upright whilst taking steps. Walking reinforces those stability muscles and can help practice balance. By standing up, you engage your core and force your body weight onto your legs. Moving around bearing your body weight strengthens the bones supporting that weight. Getting up and walking around forces our body to carry our weight. This means we are at least strong enough to lift our body weight up and move it. Practicing and being able to accomplish this is important, as it is a necessary daily life skill.
Walking increases your heart rate. This will get your blood pumping a little more than staying still and will increase the circulation. This bit of an increase counts as exercise, which helps work to keep your heart healthy. Using all your muscles together to move will make a mind-muscle connection as well, which can help make you feel more alert. This combination can help wake your body and mind up.


Walking can be used to clear your head. When you get up and walk, you leave the situation you were currently in. This forces you to be in a fresh environment and see other things. This could be the break you need to figure out that problem you’ve been working on. It could be the change in focus needed to snap you out of a bad mood. Walking in its nature takes us somewhere else and in this way serves as an escape.
Walking is something that most humans can do regardless of age. It is beneficial for babies to strengthen their legs for the future, the elderly for exercise and activity, and athletes for recovery. It’s something that requires no equipment that you can do for yourself. So, do what you can to add a little extra walking into your everyday life.

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