Escapes & Strolls: The Brown Derby Lounge Walk-Up


Last Thursday my fiance and I decided to go for a sip and stroll through Hollywood’s Golden Age. We headed into Disney’s Hollywood Studios Hollywood Boulevard area. The old Hollywood and 1940’s theming of the park is some of my favorite in all of Disney. It was about 8 o’clock and a weeknight, so the park wasn’t very busy. We decided to stop by the Brown Derby Lounge Walk-up for a drink to stroll with.



The Brown Derby is a full-service restaurant located at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, and the Animation Courtyard. There is also an outdoor lounge with tables and servers where a special food menu and drinks are served. The seating area can get busy and I feel like it requires more of a commitment. Connected to this area though is the walk-up outdoor bar where you can just grab a drink and go. Although there is only one bartender, there is hardly ever a line.


The Brown Derby Walk-up is a full liquor bar. They do have a specialty cocktail menu for the location as well. There are about ten beer choices, and they are all in a bottle or can. These will all be poured into a plastic cup when served. There isn’t a kid or non-alcoholic drink menu available specifically at the Walk-up. We enjoy beers on the hoppy side, so we chose a Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA which comes in on the stronger side at 7%. There is an even stronger beer here called La Fin Du Monde by Unibroue that is a whopping 9%. Since there are no discounts on the alcoholic beverages in the parks, the bill came out to about $10 for the 12oz beer. It’s high for a single drink, but average for in the parks and at least our beer was good. Bartenders at this location can accept tips.


The Brown Derby Lounge seating area adjacent to the bar seems mostly for guests sitting, looking to be served. Right around the other side of the bar though there is an area with a lot of tables and chairs that have umbrellas. This area is from the now abandoned Starring Rolls Cafe. There will likely almost always be a seat in this area as it is tucked away and the restaurant is permanently closed. This is a good spot for a snack break, or to sit down in the shade.


For those that don’t want to sit, there are options. Right outside of the bar, is the beginning of the viewing area for the Star Wars: A Galaxy Far Far Away show on the stage in front of the Chinese Theater. It’d be easy to grab a drink, swing around the bar and step up for a closer view of the show. Luckily the Walk-up is also right on Hollywood Boulevard, and there is plenty to see and do on a stroll down the road. Therefore exiting out one way will lead you into Star Wars, while exiting another will take you into the 1940s.

The Brown Derby Lounge is right in the center of activity in the park, yet tucked back away behind some trees. It’s the perfect first stop for an alcoholic beverage once you’ve entered the park before heading on a variety of nearby adventures. I recommend the Brown Derby Lounge Walk-up for those looking for a well made mixed drink or beer to go or as a centralized resting location to meet not far from the main entrance.

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