Escapes & Strolls: The Artist’s Palette

When looking for somewhere to go for a stroll, Disney Springs is a quick and easy choice for me as it is close by. The parking is free and it’s a chance to get some fresh air, plus there are stores with AC to step into. Sometimes the Springs can be hectic though when it’s crowded. I like to have a little breathing room when I just want to walk on a Sunday afternoon or calm down after a day at work. My solution to this is walking to Saratoga Springs Resort from Disney Springs. Last Thursday night, Kim and I needed a walk and went on a stroll to The Artist’s Palette at Saratoga Springs.


If you park at Surface parking you are across a small channel from Saratoga Springs. This is the furthest point in regards to walking from the resort. The walk from one end of Disney Springs to the other is pretty long on its own, but you can continue past the Disney Design-A-Tee in the Marketplace, take a left after the nearby restrooms and head even further on to Saratoga Springs. It is the only resort you can walk to from the free parking and Disney Springs.

It is a bit of a long walk, but it’s scenic and uncrowded. There’s even an optional portion through a wooded area that’s only open from Dusk till Dawn. On the way to the main lobby, there are some beautiful views of the lake, Disney Springs and the resort grounds. You may have to check a map as the most direct route to the lobby isn’t clearly marked along the path. While there are hotel rooms near the lake and Springs, the main lobby is further away. There isn’t much shade on this walk so watch out during the hot and rainy summer.


Saratoga Springs is modeled after Saratoga Springs, New York and is equestrian and spa themed. There are horse racing statues and memorabilia throughout the hotel. The buildings themselves have a very clean rejuvenating design and look like a luxury health spa. The spa and main pool are located close to the entrance to the Artist’s Palette. There are some benches right outside the restaurant for when it’s cooler out that would be a nice place to just sit and relax.


The theme of The Artist’s Palette as the name suggests is art. There are large fun paintings hanging high above the seating area. The lighting throughout the restaurant also stands out as whimsical pieces of art. The decor and theme are very playful and creates a lighthearted setting. The restaurant is open from 7am-11pm and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They serve a mix of sandwiches, flatbreads and bakery items. It’s a walkup style counter where food is made to order. There is also the convenience and grab and go items for hotel guests including dry goods and a refrigerated section. They do have a fairly good selection of wine and canned beer too if you’re looking to grab a drink.


There is a small Disney store here that has a little bit of everything. This is perfect for keeping you occupied if there is a wait for your order or for a little harmless browsing after eating. This is a unique situation as the shop is literally right next to the food counter. It also makes you feel a little more like you’re at Disney if the parks weren’t an option for this time.


We got there around 9pm and there was still a surprising amount of activity around the restaurant. Although there really wasn’t any line to order, there were a few groups sitting and eating and a lot of people making use of the convenience items. The dining area is currently under construction, so there are about half the normal tables available. There are other seating options nearby though. The closest seating is the fancy room right next to the restaurant that has multiple sofas and coffee tables as well as a couple massage chairs. Conveniently there is also a water fountain and restrooms here.

Grab and go baked goods

Although we have tried the sandwiches before, this trip we were just looking for a dessert. There was a good variety of different baked goods to choose from too. Most of these are on display behind glass and can be ordered at the main counter. There is another section on the opposite side of the counter with fresh baked cookies and a few other items that you can just grab on your own and take to the checkout.


We chose the $5.99 Aladdin cupcake which will be ending sometime this month. It is a vanilla cupcake with blue icing and a chocolate lamp on top. The real treat is the genie( cherry cheesecake) hidden inside. Since we were splitting the cupcake, we cut it open and it didn’t look like there was much cheesecake filling. Upon taking a bite though, I could taste the filling and it was adequate. It kept the cake moist and added a creamy cherry flavor. I thought the cupcake was worth the time of the trip. It wasn’t one of the best cupcakes I ever had, but it’s better than a lot of the standard Disney cupcakes.

We finished our cupcake and started the walk back to Disney Springs. The area is well lit enough to comfortably make the trip in the dark. Disney Springs was still busy, but we had already got our walk and dessert in with no hassle. I recommend The Artist’s Palette for anyone looking for a peaceful walk or as a good place to go for food if the Springs are busy.


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