Escapes & Strolls Loews Royal Pacific Resort Nook


Last night we planned a trip to one of our ideal spots, Orchid Court Lounge and Sushi Bar in the Loews Royal Pacific Hotel for a quiet escape. Royal Pacific is my favorite Universal Resort Hotel because of the classic island theme and atmosphere. We headed out to Universal Citywalk shortly after 6 pm which is when the free parking begins. Universal now offers $5 Prime parking as well if you want a closer parking spot at this time. During the summer, getting in after 6 pm still gives you just enough time for a couple of hours of light, but not so much heat. The weather conditions matter because of the reasonably long walk through Citywalk and onto the Royal Pacific.

It was fairly busy with people out to grab some dinner at the Citywalk Restaurants. We took a right towards Universal Studios to make a loop around the central lake before heading to the hotel. Another option is to continue walking straight down to the water after entering Citywalk. There you can board a boat that will take you back and forth between Citywalk and the hotels. I’ve taken the boat before, and it is a pleasant experience. I wanted to burn some extra calories, though, so we continued to walk. We passed over the bridge between Islands of Adventure and Margaritaville. To the right, there is a small exit by Margaritaville’s patio to walk to the resort hotels.

To me, this pathway looks like the beginning of the Royal Pacific’s tropical getaway motif. It’s a small walkway through lush green plant life. The walk is mostly alongside the waterway that the resort boats use, so you can see and hear the water. The closer you get to Royal Pacific, the more islandy the path feels with bamboo looming overhead from both sides. The trail leads right up to the entrance of the hotel.


Here there is a bridge over a South Seas paradise below. The Polynesian music that plays throughout the hotel can be heard here as you take in the exotic foliage and lagoon. Inside the hotel, it’s like being in a traditional Polynesian style house. There is elegant bamboo, stone, and wood everywhere from floor to ceiling. The Orchid Court Lounge is located in the main lobby and takes up almost half of the main floor. We pretty much had the area to ourselves, likely due to the parks still being open. We took in the peaceful atmosphere as we strolled towards the lounge

When we got to the lounge though we found the entire area to be closed. There were walls up blocking off the whole space. The windows were also covered on all sides. I’m not sure if the area is under construction or being made into something else. The only signage advertised the other restaurants the hotel has to offer. There’s nothing online regarding the closure of Orchid Court, so hopefully, it’s just a brief revamping. We accepted the fact that we wouldn’t be enjoying any tea in the lounge but decided to explore the hotel further.


We headed downstairs to where Jake’s American Bar and Island’s Dining Room are located. We weren’t looking for a beer or a full meal, so we didn’t stop. Instead, we headed outside and walked along the pathway to the left. The path is underneath the cover and is in between the pool and hotel. Palm trees form a wall that mostly secludes the walkway from the pool area. We continued past the Game Room and Treasures of Bali gift store. There are benches here along the path under the trees which looked nice, but since we were exploring, we went on until we came to a single decorative seat in a comfortable nook.


The spot is hidden away from direct view of pretty much everyone by walls on three sides. Although there can be passersby, the bench is not directly on the walking path, so there is some room to breathe. From the bench up, this whole area is filled with the art of the hotel. The chair is a log carved and painted like a traditional totem pole or canoe. A full-size statue stands well lit in a cut out in the wall beside the bench. Directly across from the seat is a wall-sized carved mural. It depicts ancient island people working in the field outside the village. This area is low lit and peaceful at night. During the day it would be completely shaded from the sun. We sat here for a while and quietly took in the art. This was a choice spot as no one disturbed us, and we could just take in our charming surroundings.

img_6850Before we left, we walked a little further down the same path. We found another walled-in area with carved murals on either side. One of these is a map of the Indonesian islands, and the other is an island habitat. There is no bench here, but it’s worth the extra walk to see these two additional pieces plus some other lit architectural designs on the walls in this area. After finding all this art along our stroll, we kept our eyes open and noticed even more on the way back. Down the middle of the same path we took to get to the bench in the nook, we saw more small statues. These were traditional stone figures and had a more ancient design. These put the final touch on our impromptu island escape.


I’m grateful that we found this new area instead of just leaving the closed Orchid Lounge. I enjoyed the music and scenery just as much. This area was very relaxing, and the art took me away to another time and place. I recommend this Royal Pacific nook for anyone looking to relax and take a break from everything. It’s an excellent destination for a walk and somewhere to hang out and enjoy a quiet conversation.


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