Escapes & Strolls: Pirate Hideaway at the Magic Kingdom

Fountain in Pirate Hideaway beside Pirates of the Caribbean rideThe Magic Kingdom is its own unique animal when it comes to the Orlando theme parks. It’s got a lot going on to make it difficult to enjoy an Escape or Stroll. There are some amazingly themed areas, fun treats and classic rides though that will probably draw you out there some time or another. This past week, Kim and I had a weekday off and decided to visit a couple rides during the day, so we headed over to the Magic Kingdom. We parked at the Transportation and Ticket Center, as it’s the only direct parking for the Magic Kingdom and planned to take the monorail over. The Transportation and Ticket Center may be my least favorite thing about Disney, but it is a necessary evil. I realized the one good something about this mandatory, time-consuming first stop, is the Joffrey’s coffee stand in between the Monorail ramp and the Ferry Boat. Take advantage of this spot for coffee. The coffee shops inside the Magic Kingdom are either too far in or too busy. You can get a drink or snack to go here, and you’ll be allowed to take it with you into the park. You also get your annual pass discount at this location. We grabbed an iced, cold brew and boarded the monorail for the Magic Kingdom.
Main Street in the Magic KingdomThe park was busy, and it’s always busy compared to the other parks, but I don’t think it was too bad. It was hot out, though, so walking in crowds was not too much fun. We made a few reservations, and the goal was to try and hit the rides while generally skipping the chaos that is being in The Magic Kingdom. Although we didn’t really avoid the chaos, we did eventually find a quiet place away from the crowds. Our first reservation was for The Haunted Mansion. The entire area by the ride entrance was extremely active, and the wait for the ride itself was 45 minutes. Our fast pass got us in, but we were melting in the tight crowds once the line merged outside the mansion door. The AC was a welcome reprieve and made the ride seem even better. I didn’t even mind the brief ride stop in the graveyard that seems to happen most of the times I ride. After we narrowly escaped becoming permanent residents of the Haunted Mansion, we headed to our next reservation over in Adventureland.
Pirates of the Caribbean ride flagWe arrived right on time for our FastPass for Pirates of the Caribbean. The regular wait time was 40 minutes but looked like it could have been longer. Inside the ride queue, we did notice a real-life Jack Sparrow skulking around, which I had never witnessed before. The FastPass got us on the ride quickly, and we rode it without any issue. After exiting, we noticed a quiet spot off to the side of the building. When you’re walking towards the Pirates of the Caribbean entrance, this area is on the left. It’s tough to find a peaceful area in the Magic Kingdom. It usually feels overcrowded and especially loud due to all the families. This space by Pirates of the Caribbean was not only uncrowded, but it was mostly quiet. The area is still a part of the pirates theming, and dead ends into a wall for employees only. There are two benches here, and some other ledges to sit down on if you need a rest. They aren’t all out of the sun, but it’s the Magic Kingdom and finding a spot like this at all is rare.

Tower of the Castillo at Pirates of the Caribbean rideThe area is pretty, it’s between the Castillo Del Morro that houses the ride and some foliage and themed décor. Here across from the Castillo are a stone wall and fence with some display areas. The displays are outside, tucked away with some tropical plant life. One has two ancient-looking statues, and the other has an overturned longboat. These are excellent photo opportunities and provide some pirate, island-themed scenery for your break from the crowd. These two areas are part of the Pirates Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas activity that’s available to do in the Adventureland area. This means that some guests may be coming over and initiating some Disney magic using their phones. This will be neat to see and hear for free if you’re just sitting there but shouldn’t be too disruptive. It may even convince you to get up and try some treasure hunting yourself. Don’t miss the other pirate photo opportunity here across from the displays in the bushes by the Castillo. It has some skulls on sticks and a sign warning pirates away.
Hidden Water fountains near Pirates of the CaribbeanNearby there is also a hidden away water fountain. This is crucial as you can hydrate or refill your water bottle without a crazy line or having to pay. If you are looking for a fresh bottle of water or treats, there are a couple of snacks stands just outside of this quiet area. These carts have drinks, ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy, and sometimes specialty spring rolls. While we were there, the stands were both open, and the current spring roll, pepperoni pizza was available.

Snack stands nearby Pirates of the Caribbean ride with spring rollsThese spring rolls come in pairs for $7.50. The quiet area beside the Castillo would be perfect for enjoying one of these snacks out of the way, within some fun theming. After stopping for a quick water refill and a couple pictures, we headed back out, refreshed to our next ride. We had never visited this little pirate hideaway before, but it’s a great spot to take a break in Adventureland with a bit of room to breathe. I recommend this pirate hideaway for anyone traveling through Adventureland, looking for some photo ops or in need of a fun break spot. Who knows you may even see Jack Sparrow?Pepperoni Pizza Spring Rolls sign at cart nearby Pirates of the Carbibbean ride in Magic Kingdom

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