Escapes & Strolls: Woody’s Lunchbox

Lately, we’ve really been enjoying visiting the parks at sunset after work. The skyline is stunning, and the temperature is much more manageable than during the day. Since kids have gone back to school, and the nighttime Halloween events have started, the crowds have thinned out a bit at the rest of the parks. It’s been easy to get a FastPass for the same night for rides that were previously not an option. This past Tuesday, we decided to head to Hollywood Studios for a night stroll through the uncrowded park. Along the way, we stopped at Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land for a snack.

Sign for Woody's Lunchbox that looks handwritten on piece of scrap paper

The only real crowds in the park were people heading to Fantasmic. All the rides had short waits, and the restaurants seemed to be empty. We took our time and got some beautiful photos of the park at sunset. We eventually passed through Batuu to see what the scope of the crowds. There was plenty of space to walk just like in the rest of the park, and Smuggler’s Run was only a 30-minute wait! After sunset is a great time to stop in for dinner or dessert in a gorgeous and immersive Star Wars setting.

We arrived at Toy Story Land a little after 8 pm for our reservation at Toy Story Mania. It was our first time entering through the new entrance added with the land. We didn’t need our FastPass though, as the ride was a straight walk-on. Kim scored higher than me, by a lot, but just playing the game is always fun. We stopped in the new store in the exit queue for the first time on the way out. After exiting the ride building, we walked nearby to Woody’s Lunchbox for something to eat.

Woody's Lunchbox walk up window buildingWoody’s Lunchbox is a walk-up window restaurant inside of Andy from Toy Story’s lunchbox. Since we are shrunk down to the size of toys in Toy Story Land, everything else is proportionately huge. The main building where the food is is in a giant overturned lunchbox. The lid of the lunch box is propped open by Andy’s giant thermos. There are two registers outside the lunchbox to order from before picking up the food at the window behind. The large seating area outside the lunchbox is made up of blocks and K’Nex construction toys built into a tower. There are also large classic green army men toys around the lunchbox and seating area. The seating isn’t all covered, but many of the tables have umbrellas to protect from the sun.

Stacked halves of BBQ Brisket Melt SandwichWoody’s menu is comfort food and classic snacks. There is a breakfast menu for the early part of the day that includes a S’more French Toast Sandwich. I haven’t tried it yet, but the lunch and dinner menu items are good. The Kid’s Menu consists of either a turkey sandwich or grilled cheese plus the standard sides and a drink for about $7. The main daily menu is all sandwiches, including an adult grilled cheese. We got the BBQ Brisket Melt, which is like a grilled cheese with brisket added for $12.99. The sandwich comes in two halves with a small side of plain tater tots. It does take a few minutes for the food to come out once you pay for your order. Our sandwich was warm, though and the sourdough bread had a nice crunch. I also enjoyed the pickles and BBQ sauce that added a fun twist to the classic cheesy flavor. The tater tots were not as fresh and are somewhat basic, so I recommend taking advantage of the ketchup at the condiment stand. We enjoyed the Brisket Melt, and it was enough for the two of us to split, knowing we had ordered dessert.

Small side of tater tots

For dessert, they offer two types of Tarts for $4.29 that are homemade Pop-Tarts. We got the Raspberry Tart with raspberry filling and pink icing and white candy pearls on top. The Tart comes out still slightly warm. It’s big, and it would be a lot for one person. We both enjoyed it. It has the same filling and icing as a standard pop tart, but the pastry is a thicker consistency and more like a shortbread or pie crust. I will be ordering the Tart again in the future as it’s a great on-the-go treat to split. There is also a Barq’s Root Beer Float available as a drinkable dessert option at Woody’s, providing another fun, classic treat.

Homemade Pop-Tart style Raspberry Tart Dessert

Although Woody’s Lunchbox is in Toy Story Land, there are going to be parents there patiently waiting in line with their kids for Slinky Dog Dash or meeting Buzz Lightyear. I believe this is the justification for the alcoholic drink menu at Woody’s. All the drinks are available on draft and include two standard beers, a cider, and a premixed liquor drink. The mixed drink, Grown-Up’s Lemonade, sticks with the lunchbox theme and has vodka, lemonade, and black cherry puree. The Grown- Up’s Lemonade comes in as the most expensive of the available alcoholic drinks at $10.25. On the non-alcoholic side, there is the Mystic Portal Punch exclusive to Woody’s Lunchbox that comes in a unique Souvenir Alien Sipper for $16.19. Any of these drinks would be great to grab on the go to wait in line for one of the nearby rides, and Woody’s is the only location in the area that serves alcohol.

Large K'Nex Tower in seating areaAfter dessert, we took some time to take in the K’Nex structures and giant toy décor in the land. We noticed the large domino seats for the first time outside of Woody’s as they were all empty when we passed by. Alien Swirling Saucers was a walk-on as well when we passed at about 8:45 pm. We opted not to ride (and spin) though, after having just eaten. We walked a little more through the quiet park before heading towards the exit. On the way out we suddenly got caught in the flood of people leaving Fantasmic. More people were leaving the show and heading for the exit than in the rest of the park combined. This departure was shortly after 9 pm, so if you’re visiting Hollywood Studios steer clear of Sunset Blvd and the main exit around this time to avoid the crowd.

Woody’s Lunchbox is a great spot to get a snack to go. At night the line is not very long, and you don’t have to worry about the sun in the mostly uncovered Toy Story Land. It only takes a few minutes to get your sandwich or Tart and even less for an adult beverage. Although it is a little out of the way of the rest of the park, it’s an excellent option for quick service comfort food in the park. I recommend Woody’s Lunchbox for those looking to feel like a kid again or anyone looking for a surefire snack while visiting nearby Galaxy’s Edge.

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