Thor Continues to Soar in Issue #2

Variant Cover art for Marvel Comics Thor 2Thor #2 by Donny Cates continues the Thunderer’s impressive new cosmic tale. Although we’re only two issues in a lot has happened, and we’ve already got to see some exciting Marvel moments. Thor #2 has the hefty goal of carrying the momentum after the initial surprise of the debut issue. This comic goes above and beyond by giving us more information, raising new questions and returning to Thor mythology.

The issue shows Thor’s first time out serving as Galactus’ Herald. We get to see the two interact and watch as Thor tries to manage the compromising role. Thor wields his newfound power without hesitation and shows how he plans on serving as a Herald. The cosmic storyline continues to settle in and reassures that it will be an original, but true to Thor, tale. There is a brief return to some of the classic aspects and familiar faces of Thor comics to show where the series stands as well.

Credits and Title Page for Thor 2Thor #2 advances the story and Thor’s character while providing some welcome action. We get a taste of Thor’s first take as a Herald and watch as Galactus returns to his title of “Devourer of Worlds”. I think this issue is everything a Thor fan could ask for. The character is typical Thor in a classic Marvel situation. The story moves and quickly becomes more complex as everyone plays their parts. The artwork is compelling, vigorous, and provides a modern take on the cosmic Thor unleashed in a farther-reaching world.

Thor #2 is a fun comic that really delves into the cosmic quest and storyline. While not straying too far, we get to learn a lot and have a few Marvel fanboy moments. The comic serves as reassurance that I will be continuing on to issue #3 because the series is fun, and there’s clearly more to see. I hope the characters and situation continue to grow like this before the series tapers off. Cates has added some exciting stories in recent Marvel books, and I believe this one will continue that pattern and connects with the others. Will Thor become a renegade as he does what’s necessary to save everything from ending? I give Thor issue #2 5 out of 5 Herald hammers.
Spoilers Ahead

Marvel Thor Sideshow StatueI really enjoyed watching Thor argue with Galactus. It shows a competent and level headed God of Thunder. We get to see the hero fighting for those in need with more than his fists. Although we know the basic rules and power levels, this face off-put things into a clearer perspective. This issue is really all about the characters facing reality and reacting to it how they are meant to. It’s a good sign that the characters’ complexities and growth are driving the story.

It’s great to see Thor in his new role as Ruler of Asgard and protector of people. Seeing him communicating with his team on Asgard as he fulfills his galaxy-wide duties is a new treat. I like that Volstagg has taken a leadership post and serves as Thor’s man-on-the-ground. This issue brought us up to speed on where some of Thor’s comrades are and what they are doing as he is saving the day. Whereas the first issue kicked the story off, this issue smooths things out while keeping interests high.

Cosmic Thor Variant cover for Thor #1I like that new additional questions are being raised as the pressing end of all that is quest proceeds. It makes sense that Thor may struggle to carry Mjolnir as Galactus’ Herald, but it’s not something we’ve ever seen. Will Thor have to leave Mjolnir behind, or will he reinvent the role of Herald? I am also intrigued by Volstagg’s reaction to the World Tree. We can assume the World Tree may serve as a visual extinction clock based on the success of Thor’s mission, but is there something else going on? How far gone is the tree already?

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