Ask A Question…

“I don’t believe in ghosts,” said John, sitting back on the sofa. He raised his hand as if to say something but shook his head instead. “No, ghosts, spirits, demons, none of it. It makes for a fun movie, but in the same way that cartoons are fun.” Meg snatched up the remote and turned off the movie. 

“Well, you don’t believe in anything,” she scoffed. 

“Tell me something worth believing in then? Something from one of these?” He grabbed up an old-looking book with occult markings on the cover off the coffee table and held it in front of them. 

“Careful with that; it’s vintage and expensive,” requested Meg. She took the book from him and put it back down on the coffee table. “And I’m not getting into it with you about this right before bed.” Meg stood up and headed for the kitchen. “I’ve got a few things to finish getting ready for work, and then I’ll be in.”

“Okay, then,” said John standing up. He turned off the light in the living room and headed through the hall to the bedroom. Shadows flicked on the wall as he stepped into the darkroom. The candle Meg kept on their nightstand was lit. John turned back towards the dark hallway. “Hey, Meg, you left the candle lit during the movie,” he called out. 

“What?” Meg called faintly from across the house. She paused her lunch prep and walked towards the hallway.

“You left the candle lit,” replied John again loudly. Meg walked into the hallway and spotted John leaning in the bedroom doorway.

“I didn’t light the candle. I haven’t lit any candles today,” said Meg, stepping past John into the room.

“Huh, well then who did?” asked John sarcastically. He glanced at Meg, who stared at the candle. The flame flared up to almost twice the size, and a hideous, shadow outline of a large smiling face appeared on the wall behind it.  

“I DID!” said the face with a voice that shook the room. Meg and John screamed as the candle was extinguished, and the room turned to black.

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