100 Word Fiction Challenge

100 words max, Genre: Action, Word: Feat

The Greatest Weight

Arno The Great steeled the bar with his iron grip. While he seemed to stare at the blurry sea of spectators churning for a view of him below, he never saw them. The world silenced; before him shined the golden bar connected to his father’s massive dark mahogany casket. He felt his small palms moisten as he struggled to fix his grip. This lift would be no easy feat, but failure was not an option. He pulled the bar hard and lifted it until he felt a massive weight rest on his shoulders, where it would remain from then on.


  1. So much packed into this.
    1. Good job making me think this was a weight lifting competition and proving me wrong.
    2. The ending makes me wonder of what exactly happened. Why does our character feel guilty (?)?


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