Escapes & Strolls: Royal Anandapur Tea Company


Today is all about my inner adult Disney nerd. I live nearby Disney and I will admit that I do visit there often. I make fast passes and go on rides from time to time, but many of my trips are just to go for a walk or get a snack. I’ve been doing this for a few years now, so I have gained some experience. By sharing these little ventures, hopefully, I can recommend some cool locations and offer a few useful tips. These won’t be your standard Disney visits or tricks, but instead the laid back and eccentric side of visiting the parks.


This past Sunday I went on a little escape to Royal Anandapur Tea Company in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Royal Anandapur Tea Company is powered by Disney magic and Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company which originated in Tampa, Fl. There are other Joffrey’s at the parks, but this location is unique. The goal of this trip was to get out and go for a walk and grab a coffee to walk with. Animal Kingdom was actually pretty busy and there was a small line at Royal Anandapur. The stand is outdoors off to the side of the main intersection in Asia across from the popular Yak and Yeti restaurant.


This location has a lot of drinks to choose from. They have the largest selection of tea that I can think of within the parks. I noticed 11 hot teas and 3 specialty cold teas with a variety of flavors and types. There are also a variety of hot, cold and frozen coffee and coffee drinks. This spot also carries four cold alcoholic beverages. There are a few pastry options for purchase along with your beverage so you can have the classic coffee and donut combo. Recently they’ve added mini donuts which are ordered in combinations of fours.


I chose the Shakin Jamaican Cold Brew, as it’s one of my favorites, and ordered it black. There is an option to add flavor shots which works like creamer, but I like the flavor of the coffee on its own. It was a humid day, so the cold coffee was really a refreshing choice. The black cold brew is also low to no calories if you happen to be counting.  I didn’t get anything to eat, but I’ve had the donuts in the past and they were good early in the day. My most recent experience was with the mini donuts. They are cake donuts, whereas the big donuts are yeast, and we ordered four different kinds including Cookies and Cream and S’mores. Unfortunately, they were a bit dry and somewhat unimpressive.


The 24 oz Cold Brew is $4.09 before the 20% annual passholder that I use. It’s a lot of coffee and can be shared depending on the situation. It only took a minute for my order to come up and I was on my way. A secret for me is that I enjoy the paper straws that Anandapur carries for their drinks. It’s a common practice throughout Animal Kingdom and can be an awkward transition at first, but I feel it sets the experience apart and I actually look forward to it.

The Royal Anandapur Tea Company is a quiet spot with unique beverage options. img_5318There’s something there for everyone although not a lot for kids. It’s good if you’re in need of a quick pick me, something refreshing or don’t want to wait in the long Starbucks line.


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