Escapes & Strolls: Frontera Cocina Express


This week I decided to take an impromptu stroll through Disney Springs to grab some dinner. There are a lot of restaurants and options for food at Disney Springs and I enjoy trying them all. This trip I was looking for something quick and easy rather than a full dining experience. Tacos sounded good, and there are a couple of taco food trucks out at the Springs, but I decided on the Frontera Cocina Express Walk-up Window. The small Express window is located on the backside of Frontera Cocina restaurant directly across from the Sprinkles Cupcakes entrance.


I have never been to the actual restaurant, but I have tasted a taco from the Express in the past. I know that the taco I had was very good, but I honestly can’t even remember which taco it was. The Walk-up offers three different tacos, two chip and dip options and a sorbet of the day for food. For those looking for a drink, the Express has Mexican beers, specially crafted cocktails, and Mexican iced teas.


It was about 8 pm on a weeknight, and there was one person ordering ahead of me. I ordered the Beef Barbacoa taco, Chipotle Chicken taco, and the Guacamole and Chips. Unfortunately, the Express window does not accept the Annual Passholder discount. My bill came out to $15 and there is an option to leave a tip at this location. My only issue of the trip was that the food took about 15 minutes before it was ready. I expected it to be a little quicker, as I have experienced at the taco trucks at Disney Springs.

There is a small seating area which luckily was unoccupied for us to wait and eat. Currently, the area seems a little cramped due to the construction being done to the back of the main restaurant. It looks like an extension or patio is being added on. There also is a door leading into the dining area here that is locked from the inside. This door generated some unwanted traffic and knocking through the Express’s small seating and ordering area.


All of the food seemed freshly made, including the chips still being warm. Take note that the tacos are street style: so they are somewhat small and come in corn tortillas. I enjoyed the chicken taco more than the beef, which I believe is due to its chipotle sauce. The beef taco meat had good flavoring, but no added sauce and seemed a little dry. The guac and chips really stole the show for me though. Although there weren’t an abundance of chips, we didn’t run out before the guacamole was finished. Although we didn’t specifically request it, it’s worth mentioning that nothing that we ordered came out spicy.


All in all the experience was enjoyable. Aside from the traffic trying to get through the locked door, it is a quiet area off to the side. It is currently a little less scenic because of the construction, but normally the water is right there. I’m not sure what the fate of the Express window will be once the new patio or addition is completed, but I’m sure it will still exist in some form. I wouldn’t recommend the Frontera Express to families because there isn’t a kids menu and space isn’t really accommodating for kids or groups. I would recommend the Express Window for those who don’t want a full sit down experience but are looking for a small snack or drink to go.


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