Batman: Hush Trailer Thoughts

Batman Hush trade paperback cover

As a Batman fan, I’m excited every time new Batman stuff is announced. I became a Batman fan from reading the best stories and watching the best Batman content that is out there. Everything new that comes out is definitely not all good, but I’m always hoping for a new classic. The first trailer for the Batman: Hush animated movie was just released and of course I couldn’t wait to check it out.

I read Hush as a graphic novel a few years after it was released. I have read it multiple times since and have gone on to read the sequels and follow up stories. I really enjoyed Hush because it encompassed the dark, detective Batman that I favor. The story is also filled with classic Batman villains and of course a great new one.
My first thought during the trailer was that the animation looked a little off. The art by the legendary Jim Lee in the graphic novel is not only beautiful, but the character designs and some of the images are iconic. The animation is definitely not in the same style, but rather more basic looking from what I saw in the trailer. This isn’t a plus, but it hasn’t completely ruined the movie for me yet either. Hopefully, after a few minutes, I will get used to it and be able to just focus on the movie.

Batman Hush finale variant cover

After watching the trailer, I am excited that another great Batman story is getting to see the light of day, but worried that perhaps this story doesn’t work in the confines of a feature film. Hush is a popular Batman story because it was executed properly. The World’s Greatest Detective has to face a mystery and villain that is very close to home. We follow along with Batman as this new villain shakes up his world and actually poses a threat to The Dark Knight. It’s not a story where Batman just has to fight through the main bosses thugs and then face him in one on one combat. We’ve seen that before and it’s alright, but it’s not all that Batman is.

Batman Hush finale variant cover

I wonder if the detective work and slowly solving the mystery takes up too much time for a movie. Action is always king especially in superhero stories, but the Hush story offers a perfect mix of mystery and action. Batman works tirelessly with the constant distraction from his villains until he solves the puzzle as to who is coming after him. Hush seems to be pretty out though in the open the trailer. It seems like he wants to challenge Batman and is goading him to come after him. It appears we will get to see Batman fighting through all the classic villains put in his way one way or another before he faces Hush himself.


Back cover image from Batman Hush trade paperback

The trailer does seem to focus on the relationship between Catwoman and Batman. This is an important part of the story, but not the main focus. She is not the main villain, but an important piece of the story. It may be more flushed out in this movie, as their relationship has gone to the next level over the last year in the comics. I feel that Catwoman being the main focus will only distract more from the good story that may not end up being a part of this movie.

Lastly, I noticed that the film isn’t rated R, which I think is a good thing. Although this is a darker Batman, it doesn’t have to be graphic. Batman should be cool no matter what age you are. If the movie is rated R or G it could throw off the authenticity of the story. Hopefully being more moderately rated at PG-13 we’ll get to see a story that focuses on writing, superhero action and suspense.

Even though I don’t have a great feeling after watching the trailer, I’m still excited for Batman: Hush. It looks like the movie is going to be at least in the same ballpark as the original story, which is good. I have faith that a great Batman story like Hush can be translated into a decent animated Batman film that does the original material some justice.


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