Escapes & Strolls: The Belle Vue Lounge

Boardwalk outside entrance to the stairwell to The Belle Vue

This week I decided to change things up and escape for a drink in the 1930s. My fiancé Kim and I headed to The Belle Vue Lounge at Disney’s Boardwalk Hotel, my absolute favorite lounge on Disney property. It’s the perfect place for a quiet and relaxing evening or to head for a break from the sun. It is kind of a niche place though with some limited hours and accessibility.


I have an annual pass, so I just parked at Hollywood Studios and used the walkway to get to Boardwalk. For those without a pass, there’s always the bus from Disney Springs where parking is free. You can also easily walk to Boardwalk from the back entrance of Epcot near the U.K. or from the other nearby hotels: Yacht Club, Beach Club, Swan and Dolphin. The Lounge is located on the second floor of the hotel if you’re coming from the boardwalk. From the Boardwalk side the easiest way in is past  the Flying Fish restaurant there’s with a sign for the Lounge and a staircase inside that will take you right to it. From the front of the hotel, the Lounge is down the hallway on the right once inside the main lobby.


The Belle Vue Lounge doesn’t begin serving drinks until 5pm. Before that the area is open for comfortable seating in the A/C:. We arrived at the Belle Vue about 9pm on a weekday and there were maybe two other groups there. The Lounge itself is small, but there’s hardly ever a crowd there and always somewhere to sit. Immediately upon stepping into the Lounge, there’s a sense of comfort in the air. Usually, the only noise is the sound of 1930’s radio shows playing faintly in the background. There are multiple comfortable couches and styles of seating in the small Lounge. There are even a few two-person tables and chairs set up perfect for playing board games (which they have).


There are fancy looking drink menus setup on the tables for making a selection. Since there is only one bartender, it’s probably best to pick a drink and order it at the bar rather than sit and wait to be served. Belle Vue is a full liquor bar and the menu offers all the classic mixed drinks. They also have wine, champagne and beer. The beer is in bottles and cans, but there is a pretty good variety to choose from as well as a rotating seasonal beer. There is a non-alcoholic mocktail menu as well, so essentially anyone can get a specialty drink in the lounge. We ordered a Cigar City Jai Alai IPA. The drinks are theme park prices so be prepared to spend a little extra for the atmosphere. It ended up being about $10 for the 16oz can. The bartender gave us the option of just taking the can without a glass.


There isn’t any food on the lounge menu at The Belle Vue, but downstairs on the boardwalk there are plenty of places to get a snack. Although I’ve never been, in the morning, breakfast and coffee and are served from 6:30-11am. The breakfast menu includes simple breakfast items like fruit, pastries and cereal.

Outdoor patio view (That’s no moon)

There is also a large patio area with a lot of comfortable seating on a balcony outside. The view is primarily of the sky and the hotel, but it is another quiet, secluded area. Be aware that although it’s outside, this is a non-smoking area. If the lounge does happen to be busy or you just want another quiet alcove to checkout while you enjoy a cocktail, there is a seating area just pass the free standing Belle Vue sign at its entrance. Continue past the sign and the elevators on your left to a small room. It’s a decorated space with some comfortable seats and a exit that no one really uses. It’s kind of hidden away, but just around the corner from the lounge. You would never see it, unless you are taking the elevators up to your room.


I enjoy The Belle Vue because it’s a quiet haven with a unique look and sounds. It’s a nice place for a quiet date or a welcome escape from the Florida heat. At the least, it’s a nice change up from your everyday bar. A personal preference of mine is going during the holidays when they decorate the lounge. I recommend The Belle Vue Lounge for anyone visiting Epcot that’s looking for a break, staying at one of the nearby hotels or just interested in checking out a beautiful, quiet spot with drinks for all ages.

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