Escapes & Strolls: The Edison



It’s after 3 o’clock on a weekday, and that means it’s time for an escape. My fiance, Kim and I wanted to go somewhere fun, and different but didn’t want to deal with a crowd. Since everyone would still be at the parks at this time, Disney Springs seemed like a reliable choice. We decided to head out on a trip to the 1920s for a cocktail at The Edison.
It’s free to park at Disney Springs and the crowds are almost always manageable during the week. The quickest way to The Edison is by parking in the Orange garage and exiting by the AMC Dine-In and Coca-Cola Store. This would be the right side exits of the Orange garage if you are facing the Springs from within it. The Edison opens at 11:30 am, but we were there around 4 pm.

img_5857The crowds were very light as we predicted and there was no wait to get into the restaurant. We asked the waitress if we could go to the bar since we weren’t planning on having a meal. She directed us to either of the two downstairs bars. There is a smaller upstairs bar, but there was no one there at this time and it looked like they were still getting set up. We could see there were plenty of open seats at both bars as we walked down the stairs, so we chose the larger main bar.

The Edison is themed after the industrial 1920s. The decor looks like something between a factory and a lounge. There are 1920s gadgets and appliances alongside swanky sofas. There is a wall of switches and gauges, that look like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, adding to the industrial mystique. All of the music played in the restaurant is also from the same time. The most unique touch though is the old black and white movie clips and cartoons projected onto the walls in various spots throughout the building.

img_5864When sitting at the bar, there is still the option to order from the full menu. There is also a small appetizer menu, which has perfect snacks to pair with a drink. I have eaten dinner at The Edison in the past and enjoyed the food. They have even had limited items such as the Croque Burger that was available as a burger of the month.
The drink menu here is vast. Of course, they have all the classic cocktails so you can drink as they did in the1920s. There are also about 20 different originally crafted mixed drinks to choose from including The Tesla and The Edison. They even have a Signature Punch Bowls menu for groups to all share a unique, singular giant cocktail. They have a large wine list available here as well. Since this is a full restaurant and children are welcome, there is a full non-alcoholic Mocktail menu. It’s important to note though that children are not allowed to sit at the bars specifically.


The beer options here are varied. While they do carry standard beers, the No Crusts Peanut Butter & Jelly Brown Ale and the Liquid Bliss Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter are examples of some of the variety offered. There are a good number of drafts and a decent list of cans and bottles of varying styles. These often rotate and include seasonal selections. We ordered a D9 Brewing Co. Hakuna Matata Tropical IPA. It is a somewhat uncommon 16 oz craft beer, so it ended up costing $11. It was one of the pricier beers on the menu.

img_5701-1After getting a drink, it is worthwhile to take a walk around the restaurant because the building is beautiful and there’s a lot to see. There are multiple lounge areas with cool looking comfortable sofas and chairs. These areas were all empty at this time of day and the only noise was the 1920’s music.

At night I know there is a lot of activity and the restaurant and bar can get very busy. During the day and early evening though, there is a completely laid back atmosphere. There are drink options for all occasions, a full menu and multiple types of seating areas. I recommend The Edison before 6 o’clock to anyone looking for a unique experience in the 1920’s atmosphere or a delicious, out of the ordinary cocktail, mocktail or beer.

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