Escapes & Strolls: Martha’s Vineyard Lounge

img_5787It was Friday night and we decided to go for a walk after a long day sitting at work. There wasn’t really enough time to go into the parks since it was about 8 o’clock. We needed somewhere that involved walking and some fresh air. We picked someplace new that matched the conditions outside. We decided to take a stroll to Martha’s Vineyard in Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

Since there is no direct parking unless you are a hotel guest, we had to find another way to get to the Beach Club. We could have parked at Disney Springs and taken a bus or parked at Epcot and exited out the back entrance by the United Kingdom. We chose to park at Hollywood Studios though because it was late and we would not be able to re-enter the parks. Currently, when you park at Hollywood Studios, you have easy access to the walkway to the Boardwalk and other hotels. We’ve also noticed they park you very close to this walkway after 8 pm.

We took the long walkway from Studios to the Boardwalk. Either Epcot was closing or the fireworks were ending, but there was a large crowd coming out of the park’s back entrance. There were long lines at almost every restaurant and bar at Boardwalk due to this. We continued past the Epcot entrance and headed into the Beach Club rear lobby entrance. There is an option to continue walking outside past the large slide and pool, but we ducked inside because of the heat.


The Beach Club has a fancy, classic beach atmosphere. Although we were in the middle of Disney, I felt That if I looked outside I would see the ocean. There were some people around the hotel, but nothing compared to the crowds that were leaving Epcot. We took a left and headed past the Cape May Cafe. The beach colors and nautical decor put us in a bubbly mood as we made our way through the winding corridors. The further we got from the lobby, the fewer people we encountered. Finally, we arrived at a dead end where Ariel’s event space is straight ahead and Martha’s Vineyard is on the right.


As we approached, we could hear the sound of live music. It was a single musician in a corner with a guitar playing and singing familiar beach themed songs. It was a pleasant surprise, as I haven’t seen a musician in a Disney resort lounge before. The music wasn’t too loud and he took breaks in between sets. The music in the lounge otherwise was “yacht rock” or 70s and 80s.


Martha’s Vineyard is themed after a small beach house. It’s got a relaxed setting with beach tones and decorations. There is not a lot of theming here, but it definitely has a “no worries” beach hotel vibe. There were about 4 other groups of various ages in the loun when we arrived. There are tables and chairs and a small bar area available for seating. The large TVs behind the bar were on, but the sound was off while we were there. Seating was not an issue so we chose a spot at the bar. Although there was only one bartender, he had no problem seeing to us quickly. We did notice other runners solely delivering food.


Martha’s Vineyard is a full liquor bar. There is a menu with some of the classics as well as signature mixed drinks offered, although anything is available upon request. There is a pretty decent beer menu here with 6 drafts that are all craft beers including a couple of Florida breweries. The beer menu for cans and bottles is extensive as well and includes all the standard beers plus a few extras such as Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale which is a Saison. There are about a dozen wines with bottles as low as $39 and glasses as low as $9. For anyone looking for a tasty, non-alcoholic drink there is a small Mocktail menu available with offerings like the Sparkling No-Jito. We ordered a Reef Donkey APA from Tampa Bay Brewing Company. The 16oz draft cost us $9.


There is a small food menu available as well from 5 pm-10 pm. This is mostly appetizers to snack on, but many of them would pair well with a beer. These are a little pricey for one person, but sizewise would be best if split between parties. We noticed a lot of these food items being ordered and served while we were there. We decided to try a snack too and got an order in for the $9 Loaded Tots just in time. The order came out fairly quickly and the tater tots were still crispy and hot. The mixture of the mild cheese sauce, rather than actual cheese, and the sour cream made for a flavorful and somewhat out of the ordinary experience. Kim and I were able to easily finish them all, but the portion was sufficient.

Before it got too late, we headed out as the musician began another set. We made our way out of the hotel and onto the walkway back to Boardwalk. This time as we passed, although everything was still open, the Boardwalk was mostly empty. We cut a shortcut past the Wyland Galleries and Leaping Horse Libations pool bar to the final leg of the walk back to Hollywood Studios parking lot. Although the walk from the parking lot to especially the Beach Club Resort is long, it is worthwhile. There is a peaceful view as you walk along the water and the hotels are all beautifully lit at night. There are also plenty of places to stop off along the way. The walk is not covered at all, so I don’t advise it during the day in the summer months. I recommend Martha’s Vineyard for those looking for a nice walk and a lounge with a slight beach vibe. It’s a quick and laid back option for a snack and drink if you’re hanging around the Epcot Resort area after 5.


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