It: Chapter 2 Trailer

It: Chapter 2 official movie poster

I did see the movie It(2017), but I waited for it to come to Redbox. I thought it was entertaining, but not one of my favorites and I haven’t really thought about it since then. When the new movie’s trailer came on in the movie theater I was in, it just grabbed my attention. I like horror movies, but I really enjoy it when they are good like the scene in this first trailer.

The trailer doesn’t immediately identify itself as being It: Chapter 2. This is easier since it is a sequel with a big time jump and different actors. Instead, it starts right into a scene from the movie. The scene plays out for about two minutes. Unless you’re paying close attention to what’s being said and are a fan of the first movie you don’t know exactly what’s going on. It seems that there are some cuts to make the scene fit in the trailer, but it is mostly there and comprehensive. It’s ingenious and makes the trailer worth watching over again.

While the trailer reveals the elements of the story other things are happening in the background. As the viewer is understanding this is an It trailer from pictures shown on the wall, disturbing things are happening elsewhere in the house. The trailer quickly goes from hinting at the first film to scaring you with the ominous return of Pennywise in this film. By the time the scene comes to a head, the tension and excitement are high for the new film.

The scene is followed up by comparisons of the original children from It with their adult counterparts in Chapter 2. This builds more momentum as we have some quality actors taking over the roles. The film looks like a big budget horror movie climax, and it’s clear that these actors performances will make the film even better. Aside from the two minute contained scene, the trailer doesn’t give away any other scenes or scares. Instead, there are just flashes of characters and locations. I prefer this non-spoiling technique as it makes the actual film experience more engaging and fresh.

This is my idea of a well-made trailer. Excitement is built for the new film and star-studded cast. The trailer delivers quality content without having to purchase a ticket. The viewer is brought up to speed with the basic story without all of the scares being spoiled or alluded to. It: Chapter 2 was not on my radar but after this trailer, I want to see it. It just looks like a good horror film. Even if I hadn’t seen the first movie, I’m interested in seeing more of the quality creepiness presented for free in this trailer.

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